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The June Steeple Bell announced an essay contest. The theme for the essay was: Life’s Single Greatest Lesson. Cheryl Cerbone submitted the winning essay titled: I Am Worthy. Cheryl wrote:


   I am worthy of love. And when I am loved, I am able to love in return. I know what it feels like.

   I am worthy of respect. When I give respect to others, I open a dialogue. We might not agree, but we can respect each other enough to disagree.

   I am worthy of kindness. And this is another act that boomerangs back. When I am kind – to family, friends, and strangers – it not only makes them feel good, it makes me feel good as well.

   I am worthy of second chances. My father taught me that if something is really difficult, you’re probably going about it the wrong way. So if you are patient, the right answer, way, feeling, opportunity comes back your way.

   There can be a special blessing in second chances. And you are worthy of them if you love, respect, and show kindness.