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            Thank you, Dennis Union Church, for your donations to the Colombia Mission trip. We returned on March 24 after spending a week visiting and shopping for our little school in Ararca, Baru Island, Colombia. It was an exciting, fulfilling and inspiring trip!  We returned with renewed enthusiasm to continue our mission because we saw, firsthand, what a difference we are making! Your donations covered ALL of our shopping expenses, thus leaving us more money to continue supporting the library and its incredible librarian. 

            We were able to fulfill the wish lists of so many teachers. One of the elementary school teachers is trying to pilot an English language program. We provided him with a CD player, copy paper, and colored pencils to begin implementation. We bought books and educational games for the Pre-K and kindergarten classes. We replaced some very aging first grade readers (remember Dick and Jane? They have Nacho!) A Pictionary game and art supplies were added to the secondary classrooms. Clay, markers, and pencils rounded out our general classroom supply buying! The library really needed a vacuum and dust cloths (the librarian had NEVER used a vacuum!) We were even able to leave money to be used for shoes, uniforms, and making sure all the children can afford lunch. One of the teachers fosters 3 high school boys. He is changing their lives and we were happy to contribute to some of their expenses. The dance team instructor had to sell his music system to pay for a doctor visit for his son. As he uses this system for his dancers we gave him money in order to replace this much needed item.

Amazing, right?  And all due to the generosity of DUC members and friends.   THANK YOU!!!                      -Your Colombia Mission Team