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 At Heifer, we’re grateful for your efforts to end hunger and poverty.  Here is an example of what your giving has done:

Maria Xol Xi lives in rural Guatemala with her family.  Prior to partnering with Heifer, the family lived in extreme poverty and had very little to survive: not enough food, hardly any money, and no way to voice their needs.  Luckily, they partnered with Heifer last year and joined our BIOFORESA II Project.  The training they received in this project taught them how to handle and breed Creole birds, and allowed them to build a chicken coop for their newly acquired livestock.  Maria and her family quickly increased their flock to 70 birds, which allows them to include poultry and eggs in their diet.  They now receive the vitamins, proteins, fats and minerals needed for good nutrition.  They profit from sales of eggs and poultry and are now generating a decent income!  They have also passed on the gift to others in need and have earned interest and respect from local leaders in their community.

Your support has allowed women like Maria Xol Xi to live a life free from hunger and poverty.  We appreciate your help in making that happen.

Yours for a better world,

            Kate, Heifer International