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What to Expect When You Visit

Worship is at 10am, followed by coffee and fellowship in our parish hall. 

Child care for ages birth to two or three years of age is provided in a beautifully appointed room adjacent to the sanctuary, where an audiocast of the service can be heard.

Children are welcome to join their parents for worship, and we invite you to sit up front so children can see what is happening. To help with parenting in the pews, we offer small activity bags for children, including crayons, coloring books, etc. After a Children’s Time in worship, grades pre-kindergarten through 9th grade are welcome leave for Sunday School with Cindy Fiscus.

Communion is served on the first Sunday of each month. Children leave Sunday School and rejoin their families in worship for Communion. Parents are encouraged to talk with children about the meaning of Communion and decide when is the appropriate time for children to partake of the bread and cup. (We offer regular and gluten-free bread and a non-alcoholic cup.)