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Our stewardship theme this year is Dennis Union Church – Changing Lives Here and Beyond, a theme that reflects both our ministry and our mission, and what we are about here at DUC – changing our lives as we live together in the fellowship of this congregation and changing the lives of others through our generous outreach and the many missions we support.  Pledge cards have been distributed and the Stewardship committee hopes everyone will prayerfully consider what they may be able to give in the year ahead.

Stewardship is much more than helping a church meet its budget (in fact, in our church, the budget is not even prepared until after our Stewardship pledging is completed).  Rather, stewardship is a biblical concept that begins with the reality that everything we have comes from our loving God, an acknowledgement that we are richly blessed in so many ways, and that grateful for our blessings, we are invited by God to respond by accepting our responsibility as “stewards” and sharing from our abundance with others and caring for the world God has entrusted to us.  We are blessed…to be a blessing.  Through our generosity, our church can indeed change lives – our lives here and even beyond.  So may it be.


Your Stewardship Team: Gary Forrister/Ken Landall, Co-Chairs; Bill Boothe, Dave Corbett, Barbara Gray, Rev. Nelson Murphy, Marcy Stanton, and Skip Walsh