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Church History

Highlights of Dennis Union Church’s history:

  • The church was formed in 1722 or 1723, based on a recommendation by members of The East Precinct Church of Yarmouth to build a second location closer to where most members lived.

  • Rev. Josiah Dennis, a young graduate of Harvard College in 1725, was called to serve the new parish, assuming his position in 1727. He served 36 years, until his death in 1763.

  • Rev. Nathan Stone was called to succeed Rev. Dennis and served 40 years, from 1764 until his death in 1804.

  • Rev. Caleb Holmes, 1805 to 1813…maybe highlight how many pastors since then, rather than a list

  • The current DUC structure was built in 1838, following a split…

  • Anna Howard Shaw history?

  • In 2005, the DUC congregation raised funds to recreate and preserve the church’s original historic character while adding space and reducing energy costs. A new foundation, finished basement, additional space at the rear of the sanctuary, and air conditioning were added, along with a solar array on a building adjacent to the sanctuary, tankless water heaters and more efficient windows, light fixtures and controls. The new basement enabled addition of a library, meeting rooms, and, in support of a monthly overnight program of hosting the community’s homeless, showers and a washer and dryer. Even with the addition of 3,500 square feet of space, DUC today spends considerably less on electricity and gas. In 2010, Washington, D.C.’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Energy Star for Small Business and Congregations recognized Dennis Union Church as an official Energy Star Congregation.