Thank you, Dennis Union Church, for your donations to the Colombia Mission trip. We returned on March 24 after spending a week visiting and shopping for our little school in Ararca, Baru Island, Colombia. It was an exciting, fulfilling and inspiring trip!  We returned with renewed enthusiasm to continue our mission because we saw, firsthand, what a difference we are making! Your donations covered ALL of our shopping expenses, thus leaving us more money to continue supporting the library and its incredible librarian. 


Sunday School all summer!

Schools are finishing their year, and children and youth begin to prepare for summer camp and trips away with their families.  We keep our doors wide open in Sunday School, as while many of our locals are away, I eagerly await seeing my Summer Kids! 

Father's Day Sundaes!

Our annual ice cream fest will occur during Fellowship on June 17th.  Skip breakfast & eat ice cream!!


In June, we are going to collect items for Champ Homes.  They offer "Welcome Bags" to the new residents to help with settling in and making them feel at home. 

We will collect toothbrushes, small shampoos, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, soap, shaving cream, razor, & face cloths AND the Sunday School will provide the decorated drawstring muslin bags for the items.  


Faith Family Meal – the next Faith Meal is on Friday, July 6th.  We volunteer for the mission on the FIRST Friday of each month.  The duties are very easy – from setting tables to scooping food onto plates.  There is a super duper 'core' group of volunteers that are willing and able to guide you through the process.  Please check with Cindy ( if you are curious!